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Sat, 20 Nov 2010
Granfondo Training Tips
Axel Merckx|Gran Fondo Axel Merckx|Granfondo|Gran 

Granfondo Tips and hints

So you have signed up for the Granfondo Axel Merckx Okanagan and you are thrilled! You want to get started out with your training and log some miles in the saddle so you can impress Eddy Merckx in July. There is only a single problem…it's November.

Okay make that two challenges: It's November and it's chilly outdoors. The days are short and dark, and it's often times raining or snowing. Do you nonetheless want to trip? Of program you do. Considering that you're a cyclist and you fancy riding. In addition to, your riding buddies set in 100km final weekend

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Sat, 17 Apr 2010
Ironman Triathlon Training Blog - Weekend Warrior Triathlete
Cervelo P3SL Triathlon BikeIronman Triathlon was started by a bunch of Navy Seals in 1978 when they made a decision to combine the Around Oahu Bike Race, the Waikiki coarse Water Swim and the Honolulu Marathon to judge the fittest sportsman. The genuine Ironman would have been the one who finished all three. Thirty years down the line, it has become world's most renowned and illustrious endurance event. My ironman excursion is written about on my Triathlon Tips Blog at

Racing Ironman Tips For beginners

For the first timers, racing ironman is a tricky challenge that needs good planning and preparing pragmatic and timely goals. The primary intention is definitely to close the job but while you are completing the race, you need to stay focussed and have a sound excuse to persue the difficult task at all. You should start up a triathlon training blog and record your activity

The entire training session and the day becomes much more practical and possible if you enjoy it. You want to make this activity engaging so that you remain dedicated to it until the final event of racing the ironman. Everyone has another reason for taking up the challenge of racing ironman. This may include venturing to chase your dreams, discovering the power of resolution and motivation, becoming fitter, becoming an athlete, mastering to arrange and achieve difficult targets and personal achievement.

Getting nourishment For Racing Ironman

Racing Ironman is an ultra-endurance race and it puts high demand on the energy and fluid balance of your system. Athletes really need to take in more carbohydrates and water to execute well in racing ironman as these ingredients don't stay in the system for dull hours especially during high-intensity workouts.

Planning For Racing Ironman

Preparing for racing ironman is as important as the day itself. It is going to cost you a lot of energy, money and time for a minimum of a year if you want to do a respectable job on the ironman day. The majority make the mistake of not getting the well-timed guidance and later moan about it. Select the coach who is experienced and possesses an established past record.

Visit your medical professional and get a full physical check up completed. Also get a muscle analysis done by a physiotherapist as this will help you recognize areas that will present you difficulty after you start training. Focus on your nourishment, and if you are undecided, ask an specialist. Swimming 800m, riding sixty min on road and running 50-60 min really should be easy and cosy for you.

You also need to make sure that you spend smartly. Always keep your other monetary commitments in mind prior to starting making an investment in racing ironman events. Having said that, you need to make certain that all your equipment is high quality and comfy to make use of. Train and race with the apparel that cause you to feel and do the job properly. You'll want to pay a visit to my Beginner Triathlon Blog

Ironman Triathlon Training Blog - Weekend Warrior Triathlete
Ironman Triathlon Training Blog - Weekend Warrior Triathlete
Triathlon Blog - Weekend Warrior Triathlete

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